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Prominence Property has been handling a portfolio of student properties for me during the past four years. I have been very impressed. I receive timely alerts about maintenance issues, workmen and tenants are treated courteously, and the rent comes in on time.
Furthermore, the agency’s owner does careful research on the local rental market, and keeps me advised. He also keeps me apprised of the ever-changing local and national regulations. For my type of rental business, Prominence currently appears to be the best agency in Brighton and Hove.
Dr J PLandlord


Before you decide to invest or move out and let your own property, draw on our experience and local insight to evaluate your options. We can tell you just how much rent you can expect to get for your property in Brighton or Hove.


Brighton Clifton Terrace properties to let

Knowing how much rent you can charge for your house or flat in Brighton or Hove can help you decide on who to market it to (students or professionals?), whether a property is a viable buy-to-let option, or what changes you could make to your property to increase its rental value.

To establish the rental price for your property we will compare it to similar properties that have let recently. Enter your property details and we will come back to you with an estimate of the rental value and details of similar properties that we have let recently. Unless we are extremely busy we will get our estimate to you within two hours.

To value your property please call us on 01273 724374

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