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When looking for a flat to rent we had serious issues with letting agents trying to rip us off with fees. We were actually asked for £700 by one agent before they would let us go ahead with the flat. We eventually found Prominence and they were fantastic. They charged minimal fees and have been nothing but helpful ever since we moved into the flat. We would recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Brighton.Tenant

Are you one of the growing number of UK landlords?

The uk has seen a doubling in number of privately rented homes in the the last decade. At the same time as this explosion has taken place the market has also experienced a change in the type of landlords that now own and rent property.

Where once it was seen as a specific business there are now many landlords who take on property as investment vehicles, or for reasons such as providing accommodation for their children at University. Whatever your reason for renting property have a trusted partner to work with as a letting and management agent can make the difference between a decent trouble free return and a basketful of headaches.

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