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Great agency and very different from other high street agencies, like how they try to keep all transparent and I am well impressed with their service. Would definitely recommend it as a tenant.Zaneta LTenant

Why you need to plan ahead with Buy-to-Let

Investors in buy-to-let properties can sometimes have a short term view on the investment they are making, but building a property portfolio is a long term strategy. We try and get new investors to think about it as starting your own business, you need to maximise revenue and keep a tight hold on costs to ensure you break even with the goal of increasing your profit.

It can be hard when you start your buy-to-let business to understand all the costs involved, exactly what you need to do and the rules and regulations in the industry. Much like starting a news business then the easiest way to understand this is to talk to an expert. As an established property management company we know which costs are guaranteed; for example insurance and routine maintenance, but we also know about the hidden or unexpected costs that can crop up from time to time.

We also know how important to take care of little things such as clearing guttering and drains and checking walls for damp as if these are forgotten or left unchecked this can lead to large repair costs later down the line!

This doesn’t just apply to people investing in their first buy-to-let property but to seasoned landlords as well so with so much to think about and to do let us take care of the maintenance and running of your properties for you.

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