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When looking for a flat to rent we had serious issues with letting agents trying to rip us off with fees. We were actually asked for £700 by one agent before they would let us go ahead with the flat. We eventually found Prominence and they were fantastic. They charged minimal fees and have been nothing but helpful ever since we moved into the flat. We would recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Brighton.Tenant

Bank of England’s guidance on interest rate policies could be good news for Landlords.

Mark Carney, the recently installed governor at the Bank of England has suggested that by tying the interest rate to unemployment rates there is a better chance of avoiding any financial instability and supporting continued growth in the UK economy. There are get out clauses but generally this news can be seen as positive indicator that low interest rates are here for some time to come.

Three years is the timeframe put forward by the Bank of England for expected significant growth and recovery in the UK economy. In addition this news gives would buy to let landlords a potential window of opportunity to get into the market during a stable period of interest rates as these are one of the key risk areas that potential landlords need to consider.

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