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As a tenant, I have found Mehdi who owns Prominence to be incredibly professional and approachable. He is incredibly quick to respond to queries and issues and I would definitely rent a property through his company again, as well as recommend him to friends and colleagues.Tenant


Brighton and Hove properties to letWho needs a guarantor?

If you cannot prove that you earn 2.5 times your portion of the annual rent in a year (we consider your combined income if there is more than one tenant) then you can either pay six months or a year’s rent in advance, or get someone to sign as your guarantor. A guarantor agrees to cover your payments if you are unable to.

Who can be a guarantor?

To be a guarantor you need to be a UK resident and own a home in the UK. All guarantors go through the same referencing process as a tenant would.

What are the responsibilities of a guarantor in Brighton and Hove?

By acting as a guarantor for one of our properties in Brighton and Hove, you agree to cover the rental costs and any costs for damages to the property as outlined in the tenancy agreement if the tenants are unable to do this. You will need to sign a deed of guarantee which is an enforceable legal document. It will outline all your responsibilities in detail, and we urge all guarantors to also read the tenancy agreement and the deed carefully and get independent legal advice before they sign it. If you have any questions at any point, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to Mehdi or someone else on our team.

What if there is more than one tenant in a property?

If you are sharing a property with other people, we will need guarantors for each person, or a single guarantor willing to take on responsibility for all the tenants. Even if there are multiple guarantors, each one could legally be held liable for any defaulted payments and costs on the property. However, in a situation where another tenant is unable to meet their responsibilities, we first need to do everything in our power to reclaim any costs from their guarantor and from the other tenants.

Apply to be a Guarantor

To apply as a guarantor please call us on 01273 724374

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