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Great agency and very different from other high street agencies, like how they try to keep all transparent and I am well impressed with their service. Would definitely recommend it as a tenant.Zaneta LTenant

Why you need to Dress to Impress (or your Brighton property at least!)

As most of you probably know, the recession in recent years has led to a fall in the number of new houses being built.  In places where space is at a premium as well (Brighton anyone?!) this has massively increased the competition within the rental market (which has been great for our customers and all the private landlords out there).

Looking forward however, with the NHBC reporting a total of 90,730 new homes being registered in the first 8 months of 2013 and the launch of the government backed “Help to Buy” scheme this could be about to change.  Whilst this may be a slow process and several analysts pointing to the creation of another housing bubble (house prices in Brighton increased by 12% last year) it would still be prudent to take a longer term look on how we can keep our investments in property performing.

Every landlord, whether a client of ours or not, has a tenant profile in mind for their properties; professionals, students or families, and with lots of properties on the rental market in Brighton; making sure your rental property is the one that is chosen for the price you are looking for can be a challenge.  If you are planning to let your property furnished then this is an easy way to ensure your property appeals to the correct audience.  Quality, smart, modern furnishings for professional tenants, robust children friendly furnishings for families and functional easily replaceable furniture for student tenants.  Colour also plays a big part in the first impression of a property, clean and white for professional and students and creams and softer colours for family houses.  You then need to make sure you are advertising your property in the places your target tenants are looking – Gumtree might be great for students but might not attract the professionals or family audience you are looking for.

It is also important to be responsive to your tenants needs and to be friendly and professional in order to foster long term relationships and keep your tenants happy, and renting from you, for as long as possible.  We understand that many private landlords have other occupations and cant always be as responsive as the would like, or need, to be.  All of this can be difficult for private landlords which is why we offer a full range of services for landlords across Brighton and Hove from Tenant introduction and vetting all the way through to full property management services.

If you would like to find out more about any of the services we offer call us on 01273 724374

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