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When looking for a flat to rent we had serious issues with letting agents trying to rip us off with fees. We were actually asked for £700 by one agent before they would let us go ahead with the flat. We eventually found Prominence and they were fantastic. They charged minimal fees and have been nothing but helpful ever since we moved into the flat. We would recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Brighton.Tenant


You have found the property you want to rent and have paid your reservation fee. The next step is to complete our online application form so that we can get the necessary references as speedily as possible.


Brighton seafront apartments to letBefore you start

Whether you are completing the tenant or the guarantor application form, please make sure that you:

  1. Read all the information on our fees, and our advice for tenants pages.
  2. Make sure you understand your responsibilities.  Don’t simply assume you have rented a property before so our process is going to be the same.  If you have any questions at all, please ask us.
  3. Make sure you know all the fees you will need to pay before, during and at the end of the tenancy.
What information will you need to provide?
  1. Your personal details – name, date of birth, NI number (if applicable), nationality
  2. The full addresses (including postcodes) for everywhere you have lived in the last 3 years
  3. The contact details for your previous landlord – please include an email, telephone number and address
  4. If you are employed: Your employer’s details, including the name and contact details for you HR or line manager
  5. If you self-employed: Your accountant’s details or copies of your last 12 month’s bank statements
  6. If you are a UK student: Details of your university or college and get a guarantor to fill out the necessary form
  7. If you are an international student: Details of your university or college
  8. If you are retired: Details of your pension provider or evidence of other forms of income

Please take the time to complete this fully and accurately. Errors could mean that you application is delayed and we may need to charge you a re-referencing fee (£50 plus VAT per application).

Supplying e-mail addresses wherever possible and advising your referees that we will be contacting them can make a huge difference to how quickly we can complete this part of the process.

Data protection

All the information you give us will be held on our computer system in accordance with our notification under the Data Protection Act 1998. Please note that we will release some of your details to specific third parties, such as utility providers, to ensure that you have electricity, gas and other services from the date your move in. Data may be held outside the European Union.

Prominence Ltd is registered with Information Commissioner Office: Z1969691

To apply for a property please call us on 01273 724374

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