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Great agency and very different from other high street agencies, like how they try to keep all transparent and I am well impressed with their service. Would definitely recommend it as a tenant.Zaneta LTenant


As a tenant you have the right to have your accommodation kept in a reasonable state of repair. You also have an obligation to look after the accommodation.


Brighton properties to letIf you need further details, please check your tenancy agreement carefully, or call us.

Your landlord’s responsibilities

There are certain repairs which will almost always be your landlord’s responsibility. They need to fix any problems with:

  • the structure and exterior of the premises (such as walls, floors and window frames)
  • the essential means to access to the property, such as steps from the street and the garden path
  • water and gas pipes and electrical wiring (including taps and power sockets)
  • appliances that were included when you rented the property.

Please report maintenance issues to us as you identify them to avoid the problem getting worse. If we manage your property you can report your maintenance issue online.


Your responsibilities


Your rent is payable in advance each month and must reach our account on the rent due date in your tenancy agreement.

You will need to set up a standing order with you bank for the rent. We advise that you set up your standing order to leave your account  three days before your rent due date to so that the money reaches us in time.  We can only accept one standing order per property, so if you are sharing it is worth considering setting up a house account with your fellow tenants.


You are responsible for any damage that is caused by neglect or on purpose.  In other words, if you break it, it is your responsibility to fix it. You are also responsible for dealing with minor issues, such as changing light bulbs, fuses or batteries, or unblocking the sink.

If we manage the property, we will carry out regular inspections. This also gives you the opportunity to report any maintenance issues to us. The inspection does not take long and you do not need to be present. We will give you at least 24 hours’ notice of the inspection and will use our set of keys if you are unavailable.


The most common complaint from tenants is that there is mould growing in their property. They blame damp. Very often, mould is not caused by damp (water entering from outside the property) but by condensation, which is caused by poor ventilation in a property and moisture building up inside. It is your responsibility to prevent this. Opening your windows and curtains, remembering to turn on extractor fans, and not drying your clothes on radiators will all help to avoid condensation

For more advice, download Prominence’s brochure on condensation (pdf)


You need to get permission from your landlord or from us to keep pets on the property. If permission is granted, you will be expected to carry out a full flea treatment and professional clean at the end of your tenancy and you will be expected to cover any damage caused to the property by your pet. The permission can be revoked at any time if your pet causes damage or is a nuisance.

If a pet is found to be at the property without permission, we will give you notice on your tenancy.

Fire alarms

You must check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors on a monthly basis and change the batteries when required. Do not disable alarms or leave them without batteries.

Gas leaks

If you smell gas, call TRANSCO on 0800 111 999 immediately then open all of the windows before evacuating the property.

Mice and vermin

If there are mice or other vermin in the property within the first two weeks of your tenancy, your landlord will be responsible for getting rid of them. After this period, it becomes your responsibility.


All our properties are non-smoking. Any damage caused by you or your visitors smoking in the property, such as repainting or specialist cleaning, will be deducted from your deposit.


You are not permitted to carry out any alterations or redecoration at the property without the Landlord’s permission. Should you wish to make any changes to the property, you must inform us in writing and wait until permission is given before any work commences. If you do carry out alterations or redecoration without permission you will be charged for any costs associated with returning the property to its original state.

Moving out

We take a security deposit in case we need to cover costs at the end of your tenancy for:

  • unpaid rent
  • making good damage or disrepair to the property
  • replacing locks where all keys are not returned
  • cleaning / gardening
  • settling unpaid utilities.

To avoid having any deductions from your deposit, please find below some useful tips and information about what is expected when you vacate a property:


You must return all sets of keys to our offices by 12pm on the date you move out, including any keys you have had cut while living there, otherwise you may be charged for changing the locks. You may also be charged additional rent per day if the keys are late.

Your possessions

Remove all of your possessions, including all appliances that do not belong to the landlord, prior to handing back your keys. If any of your belongings are still present after you have handed in your keys then you may be charged for the removal of the items.

If you have agreed with a new tenant that they will purchase your belongings, please make us aware of this.


You must leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in. Clean the property professionally before you hand back your keys. Remember to clean the oven, washing machine soap tray, skirting boards, carpets, windows, inside kitchen cupboards and drawers, plug holes, toilet bowel and seat, tile grouting and carpets, and to defrost the freezer. Clean it to the standard you would expect if you were moving in.


It is your responsibility to maintain any garden or outside space to including mowing the lawn and cutting back shrubs and bushes. You must return the garden in the same condition (season dependant) as when you moved in.


Make sure that all holes in walls have been filled and repainted and all broken items have been fixed or replaced before you hand back your keys. If you have painted the property a different colour, you must repaint the property in the original colours.

Meter readings

Record the meter readings for your gas, electricity and water (if applicable) when you leave the house for the last time and let the utility companies know that you are moving.


We will check the property against the inventory and the schedule of condition. If the property is left in an acceptable condition you will receive your full deposit back. If the property is left in an unsuitable condition, we will let you know how much we wish to deduct from your deposit. If you disagree with our deductions, you can use Mydeposits free dispute resolution service to resolve your dispute, either online or by post, within three months of the date that you move out of the property.

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